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  • Will you pick up boxes?
    Yes, if they are broken down flat.
  • Will I be contacted if my garbage is not picked up on my normal day?
    Yes, we guarantee to contact you if this unforeseen situation occurs, and coordinate a new pickup time.
  • What is the max bag size?
    30 gallon bags.
  • What timeframe should I leave my garbage out on my pickup day?
    Please set your bagged garbage outside from 7AM to 7PM on your assigned pickup day.
  • What day will garbage be picked up?
    As of right now, pickup day is Friday.
  • Does my garbage need to be bagged?
    Yes, all garbage that is not bagged will be left behind.
  • Is there a weekly bag limit?
    Yes, there is a 10 bag limit.
  • Will you pick up brush?
    No, we will only pickup bagged household garbage.
  • What if I go over my bag limit?
    We will send you an invoice for the additional cost. ($3 per additional bag)
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept cash, checks, and digital payments via emailed invoices.
  • What if an animal shreds the garbage?
    This is an unfortunate situation, however; garbage must be bagged for us to pick it up.
  • Where will I place my garbage for pickup?
    Garbage must be in a centralized location outside of the home.
  • What is the additional cost for going over the bag limit?
    2 dollars per each additional bag over the 10 bag limit.
  • What if my check bounces?
    We will charge a $35 fee for bounced checks. This is due to the fee we receive from the bank.
  • Will you pickup garbage inside of my home or garage?
    No, it must be in a centralized location outside of the home.
  • Will you pick up scrap metal?
    No, we will only pickup household garbage.
  • Do you pick up recycling?
    We do not offer recycling pick up at this time. Please see Union County Transfer Station for information on recycling.
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